» Safeties

Suggestions for Safe and Trouble free use of Elevators.

1. To call an Elevator, press a button provided on the landing. Do not attempt to open landing door/gate, untill the Elevator is present at the landing.
2. Press only appropriate button to reach desired floor. Open Cabin door, only when elevator is at rest. Do not press buttons of last floors (Top or Ground) and try to stop, the elevator, by either opening cabin door or by pressing stop button.
3. If the elevator gets trapped between floors, do no panic. Use the alarm button. The Liftman/Watchman, who knows how to bring the elevator to a a landing, will come to your rescue.
4. Do not allow children to use elevator unaccompanied. It is a dangerous to allow children to operate the elevator themselves.
5. Ensure that the elevator pit, shaft and machine room are maintained in a clean and dry condition. Any water accumulation or seepage, particularly in the elevator pit and near the controller in the machine room is dangerous.
6. Entering elevator pit and machine room is highly dangerous. No person other than our qualified technicians should attempt this.
7. Please do not attempt to use the elevator when it is under maintenance.
8. Should the elevator move without having pressed any button, do not panic. Stay in until the elevator is leveled opposite landing, open the car gate,wait to make sure that the elevator is not starting again, then open the landing gate & step out.
9. Close car and landing door/gates gently but firmly. Ensure that you do so, only by means of handles provided on the doors/gates.
10. Please ensure that the light is always 'ON'. (Immediately replace the bulbs and tubes when fused.) Switch off the fan when not required. 11. In case elevator does not work, ensure that the car gate and all landing gates/doors are properly closed. If the elevator, still does not work, check and restart the machine room main starter, if it has tripped, please press the green button. Do not tamper with any other equipment. It is dangerous to do so.
12. Use all buttons gently, Car and Landing.
13. While washing the staircase, keep elevator on top floor to prevent water falling on electrical mechanism on top of the elevator car.
14. As a "Safety First" measure never stand with part of your body inside and a part projecting outside when elevator is at a landing. Be either wholly inside or wholly outside the elevator.

Remember the lift is for your convenience. Proper handling will ensure trouble and accident free service.

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